We were researching criminalization issues & have found out that there is a public comment period for the proposed (2) ordinances in Tampa at the July 18, 2013 City Council meeting!

One ordinance is about aggressive panhandling & the other is about sleeping on the streets...

We will post links to the text of the two ordinances soon here but in the meantime - if you are interested in mobilizing a group to respond to these ordinacnes & let City Council know how you feel about them please contact us & as we find others who are local to Tampa working ont his issue we will connect y'all too!'

We are in contact with some St Pete resources who may be able to engage in discussions about their process of engaging City Council when their ordinances were under consideration. We are alos in contact with legal resources who can engage only after the ordinances are passed!

We need to be involved BEFORE they are passed & turn this into a community sterring committee based effort to find humane & compassionate ways to deal with the homelessness like Housing First!

Bottom line is you DO NOT want another Safe Harbor in Tampa! If you don't know what that means google "safe harbor clearwater"!

One City Council member has suggested a similar facility be put together for Tampa on space close to the current jail we believe - we just learned about this comment today! 

Take a look at this media coverage with a video of comments made at the first public hearing:

We have written several blog posts about Safe Harbor & the recent Tampa Art Institute student marketing project to attempt to raise funds for Safe Harbor & are adbvocating that the student withdraw or at least get a full impartial look at how Safe Harbor operates & the end game on providing $13 a day cost "shelter" space (blue mat on cemet floor) for those they "arrest" or divert to Safe Harbor instead of the jail (which admittedly costs ovber $100 per day to provide for the inmates)!

Do you see the inhumane treatment if those they want to divert to Safe Harbor? Only willing to spend $13 a day to serve their needs?

Thanks for your interest in turning the tide on criminalization of homelessness in Tampa!


Marvin Heery

912.659.0696 mobile

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