Contact Information Edit

Program Name:  Transitional Living Community
2400 East Henry Avenue Tampa, FL  33610-1437

Main Phone:  (813) 272-2219

Fax number:  (813) 272-3766

E-Mail address:
Internet Site:

Mailing Information Edit

Agency Name & Mailing address:  TRANSITIONAL LIVING COMMUNITY
2400 EAST HENRY AVENUE TAMPA, FL   33610-1437

Program Information Edit

Eligibility requirements:  Individuals just released from state psychiatric facilities; Individuals at risk of being admitted to a state mental health facility or those with a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations
Information last updated:  5/23/2007
Controlling agency  Mental Health Care, Inc.
Accessibility:  ADA compliant
In-Home Services Provided
Self Payment
Malpractice Insurance
Sliding Fee Scale
Pro Bono Services
Payment Assistance
Hillsborough Healthcare
Accepts Medicaid
Accepts Medicare
Accepts HMO/PPO
Accepts Tricare
Accepts Mcaid/Mcare Only
Accepts Most Insurance
Minimum Sliding Fee Scale:  0
Hours of operation:  24/7
Fees charged: 
Intake procedure:  Call for assistance
Area served:  Hillsborough County
Languages spoken or available:  English

Service Description

This intensive residential treatment program is for individuals just released from state psychiatric facilities, individuals at risk of being admitted to a state mental health facility or those with a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. It provides services needed to live independently in the community.

Other Services Offered by this Program: Edit

Housing- Transitional; Independent Living Skills; Psychiatric Services; Residential Facilities; Residential Treatment; Residential Trmt- Psychiatric; Transitional Svcs; Transitional Svcs- Mental;

Program Events: Edit

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