Recovery Services of Tampa Bay Transitional Housing for Men & Women

We at Recovery Services feel that everyone deserves a clean, safe place to live and a second chance to start over. Our Vision is to be able to provide this environment for our ever growing struggling and homeless population. We treat everyone with respect and compassion. Our current population consist of Veteran and non Veteran men and women, persons with mental or physical disabilities and recovering substance abuse persons.

We are Faith based and with a sole vision to help those less fortunate individuals to make positive change in their lives. Sometimes we are their only hope for a new start in life and we will assist them each step to make the transition from homeless to becoming self sufficient. We provide case management in order to better assist each person's needs.

Our Transitional program is for 18 months and we utilize private rooms in 3 bedroom apartments during the transitional stay. Once the person is ready to move on we me be able to provide permanent housing if available. If a person is unable to transition into self sufficiency during this time frame and needs more time, they may do so.

We are currently looking to utilize more properties to help meet the need for more permanent housing for Veterans and their Families.

Web: Recovery Services of Tampa Bay


1812 E 143rd Ave #2

Tampa Fl 33613


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