Contact Information Edit

Program Name:  New Beginnings
8306 Laurel Fair Circle
Suite 160 Tampa, FL  33610

Main Phone:  (813) 740-4266   

Fax number:  (813) 740-4272
E-Mail address:
Internet Site:

Mailing Information Edit

Agency Name & Mailing address:  CHILDREN S HOME SOCIETY OF FLORIDA
SUITE 160 TAMPA, FL   33610

Program Information Edit

Eligibility requirements:  Pregnant & parenting teen moms & their babies/children
Controlling agency  Children's Home Society of Florida
Hours of operation:  9am-6pm Monday/Thursday/Friday; 9am-8pm Tuesday/Wednesday
Intake procedure:  Call for assistance
Area served:  Hillsborough County
Languages spoken or available:  English

Other Services Offered by this Program: Edit

Group Home; Housing- Transitional; Parenting; Teen Issues; Teen Parents;

Program Events: Edit