Mary & Martha House provides emergency shelter & transitional housing and support services to homeless and/or abused women and their dependent children in an environment of dignity, compassion and respect.

Its target population is not the chronic homeless, mentally ill or women who are in need of extensive drug treatment but the ever growing segment of female headed households and single women who are recently homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. It was founded by 3 women who volunteered in the community and recognized a growing need to help female farm workers who were victims of domestic violence.

Mary and Martha House believes homeless and abused women need a safe environment that provides extensive support service and order for them to develop personal and economic resources. The organization offers a two tier program that provides 1) short term emergency shelter designed to help women and children in immediate need of temporary shelter and 2) longer term transitional housing and support to help them gain the resources necessary to obtain permanent housing.

Contact Information Edit

P.O. Box 1251

Main Phone: (813)-641-7027

(813) 645-7874

Laurie Kepler, Executive Director

Hours of Operation:8-4 M-F, Shelter-24/7

Required Info: ID

Services: Abused women and children <18 and male children < 12


Program InformationEdit

Eligibility requirements:  Women who are domestic violence victims and/or homeless, 18 years of age or older, and their children.
Area served:  South Hillsborough County. It is the only residential shelter in south and east Hillsborough County (rural) that serves both homeless and abused women.

Languages spoken or available:  English/Spanish

Services Edit

Emergency shelter / transitional housing for homeless and or abused women and their children. Single women welcome also.

Transitional Housing Programs: Long term housing for up to 6 months
Continued counseling Transition into permanent housing

Supportive Services:
Community Referrals & Service Coordination
Budgeting and Money Management
Nutritional and Health Classe
Self-Esteem Classes
Parenting Classes
One on One & Group Counseling Sessions
Tutoring and Child Development Classes Job & Educational Support Services