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Program Name:  Homeless Veterans Programs- US Department of Veterans Affairs
9500 Bay Pines Boulevard Saint Petersburg, FL  33708

Main Phone:  (800) 827-1000   VA Benefits

Main Phone:  (877) 222-8387   Health Care Benefits

Other:  (800) 273-8255   1-800-273-TALK is a VA’s suicide hotline Fax number:  (813) 972-7673
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Eligibility requirements:  Homeless veteran
Information last updated:  1/9/2008
Controlling agency  United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Accessibility:  Yes
In-Home Services Provided
Self Payment
Malpractice Insurance
Sliding Fee Scale
Pro Bono Services
Payment Assistance
Hillsborough Healthcare
Accepts Medicaid
Accepts Medicare
Accepts HMO/PPO
Accepts Tricare
Accepts Mcaid/Mcare Only
Accepts Most Insurance
Minimum Sliding Fee Scale:  0
Hours of operation:  8am-5pm Monday-Friday
Fees charged: 
Intake procedure:  Call
Area served:  USA
Languages spoken or available:  English

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VA offers a wide array of special programs and initiatives specifically designed to help homeless veterans live as self-sufficiently and independently as possible. In fact,VA is the only Federal agency that provides substantial hands-on assistance directly to homeless persons. Although limited to veterans and their dependents, VA's major homeless-specific programs constitute the largest integrated network of homeless treatment and assistance services in the country.

VA's specialized homeless veterans treatment programs have grown and developed since they were first authorized in 1987. The programs strive to offer a continuum of services that include:

aggressive outreach to those veterans living on streets and in shelters who otherwise would not seek assistance;
clinical assessment and referral to needed medical treatment for physical and psychiatric disorders, including substance abuse;
long-term sheltered transitional assistance, case management, and rehabilitation;
employment assistance and linkage with available income supports; and supported permanent housing - 5 star hotels in Athens Greece

The Regional Office is collocated with the VA Medical Center and the VA Cemetery at Bay Pines. The Regional Office has jurisdiction for the 1,774,000 veterans of the state of Florida. It is the second largest of 58 Regional Offices (exceeded only by the Philadelphia Regional Office and Insurance Center). The Regional Office has employees located at each Medical Center in Florida, and outbased offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Pensacola. The office administers compensation/pension payments of $2.1 billion annually, provides home loan services for Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi guarantying 35,000 home loans annually at a value of $4.4 billion, and vocationally rehabilitates over 560 disabled veterans per year.

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Homeless Services- Not Shelter; Veterans;

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