Main Phone: (813) 415-3586, (813) 516-2770

Address: 3000 North Florida Avenue



New intakes until 7pm

Services: shelter, free laundry, showers, storage facilities, hygiene kits, fax/phone/internet, feeding when available

Needed Info: I.D.

Emergency Shelter: (6 facilities) Women and children, single women, and two facilities for single men and 2 transitional facilities for single men. Offers 3 free nights.

Mission Statement: HHH is a free emergency shelter for anyone in a distressed situation. It is operated and controlled by homeless individuals.

The VISION of Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc. is to shift the paradigm , which is the mindset of society that homeless individuals are unreliable and unproductive, etc. This will be achieved by a counterintuitive idea of an organization controlled and operated by homeless men and women having no influence, stature or economical resource in society.

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