Hispanic Services Council provides services and programs to provide the support necessary to help families develop the skills needed to grow in economic security and to confront and overcome barriers that systematically prevent them from gaining access to economic, educational, and social resources. Our is to create a community that values, promotes and supports cross cultural understanding and equity for limited-English speaking Hispanic families and individuals.

Main Phone: (813)-641-3565

Address: 400 Frandorson Circle Suite 103, Apollo Beach


HOO: 8-5pm M-F

Information Needed: I.D. not required

Services: Case Management

Main Phone: (813)-659-8566

Address: 606 S Collins Street Suite 1, Plant City


HOO: M-F 8-5pm

Information Needed: I.D. not required

Services: Food Stamps, Medicaid, Clohing closet, Employement, Food Pantary

Main Phone: (813)-876-7223 1502

Address: W. Busch Blvd. Suite J, Tampa


HOO: 8-5pm M-F

Information Needed: I.D. not required, but needed for Case management

Services: Community resource for famililies, promoting access to services through informational referal, and case management (parenting classes, help medical care needs and employement)

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