Programs and ServicesEdit

Quoted from their website:

"A wide range of residential and non-residential services are available for children and parents. For emotionally handicapped youth, there are day treatment and residential care services designed to modify the behavior of emotionally dysfunctional children. For runaway and ungovernable children and their families, there are counseling services to reunite families and prevent runaway behavior, as well as short-term residential respite and shelter.

Emergency shelter care is available for dependent, abused, or neglected children. For long-term foster care of adolescent females, there is a pre-independent living group home program. Also, there are training classes for parents to improve parenting skills."

Contact Information Edit

Administrative Offices:

Address: 3110 Clay Mangum Lane Tampa, FL 33618

Telephone: (813) 264-3821

Fax: (813) 264-3874


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