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Program Name:  Friendship Palms Permanent Supportive Housing Program
1304-1314 West Waters Avenue Tampa, FL  33604

Main Phone:  (813) 933-9020   

Fax number:  (813) 932-0614
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1304-1314 WEST WATERS AVENUE TAMPA, FL   33604

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Eligibility requirements:  Mental Illness; Homeless; Stable source of income; No substance abuse within past 12 months; criminal history looked at on case by case basis.
Information last updated:  05/25/2010
Controlling agency  Project Return, Inc.
Accessibility:  ADA compliant
Transportation:  Available by passes
In-Home Services Provided
Self Payment
Malpractice Insurance
Sliding Fee Scale
Payment Assistance
Hillsborough Healthcare
Accepts Medicaid
Accepts Medicare
Accepts HMO/PPO
Accepts Tricare
Accepts Mcaid/Mcare Only
Accepts Most Insurance
Minimum Sliding Fee Scale:  0
AKA:  Friendship Palms
Hours of operation:  8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday
Fees charged:  Based on income: $300.00 maximum monthly rent, $35.00 credit toward electricity
Intake procedure:  Telephone screening; Review medical documents; Admission on appointment if approved
Area served:  Hillsborough County
Languages spoken or available:  se

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Permanent housing with supportive services for homeless individual adult men and women living with severe mental illness; service planning; service management; medication supervision; vocational training.

Friendship Palms is a supportive housing program with residences for people experiencing mental illnesses who need and want supports in order to retain their housing. Supportive services for residents are funded in part by the Department of Children and Families and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development . Applicants for residency, must meet the following requirements established by these funding entities and Project Return:
Have a mental illness
Be 18 years of age or older
Be capable of self-administration of medications
Be capable of self-preservation
Provide current documentation of financial resources
Want and need supportive services
Have the ability to move throughout the apartment with or without the assistance of specific medical devices designed to aid in such movement
Not currently present a danger to self or others

Meet the criteria for homelessness established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development if applying under the HUD Permanent Supportive Housing Program.

Each resident holds a rental agreement for a private, secured bedroom and shares a bathroom, kitchen, and living area with a roommate.

Residents take an active role in their apartment community. The Tenants' Council provides an opportunity for all residents to have a voice in the decision-making at the apartment complex.

Residents participate in electing a representative to serve on the Project Return Board Program Committee.

Person-centered planning facilitated by a team of caring staff is available to residents. Residents access services as needed and requested from the team of mental health and residency specialists so that they are able to achieve the life outcomes that they value. The menu of support services available include:

Personal Service Planning
Service coordination and planning with other community resources
Home visits and care calls
Medication supervision and symptom reduction
Assistance with residency and money management issues
On-call crisis support
Peer network and supportIndividualized services are developed as needed for each resident

A Community Clubhouse is also available for residents' use. Amenities include: Laundry facilities, community mailboxes, computer with Internet access, vending machines. Activities include: social gatherings, evening and weekend activities, problem-solving and peer support groups, Dinner Club, and Tenants' Council.

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Homeless Services- Not Shelter; Housing; Housing- Transitional; Medication; Medication Management; Mental Health Facility; Recreation; Recreation- Adult; Social Clubs/Organizations; Supervised Living Facilities; Vocational Rehabilitation;

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