FSJ Home Pics 003



Three  Locations

4202 N Nebraska Ave             2818 N Nebraska Ave                         2820 N Nebraska Ave

 Top Bunks -       $75 per week - $300 per month- $15 Per Day  Bottom Bunks - $100- per week and $400 per month-$20 Per Day Single Rooms -  $120 per week and $450-$550 per month- $25 Per Day

ü No Deposits

ü  Price includes all Utilities

ü  The bench for the #2 Bus is in our front yard

ü  Walking distance to major grocery stores

ü  Access to kitchen, bathrooms, washer and dryer, A/c in all rooms

ü  Manager on site

ü Homeless Recovery Clients Welcome

Call  813-294-0341 for more details…

* (We are filling up fast )

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