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DACCO Center for Behavioral Health

Drug & Alcohol Prevention, Intervention & Treatment

DACCO treats substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health symptoms in men, women (including pregnant women) and youth. With our nationally awarded Comprehensive Coordinated Care, DACCO is a medical home with outpatient and inpatient services to treat the WHOLE person. Our expert physicians are board certified in Addiction Medicine and our staff is highly qualified and committed to enabling clients to achieve life-long recovery.

Location and Contact Information Edit

Main Campus & Administration - (813) 384-4000

4422 East Columbus Drive, Tampa, FL 33605

Services Edit

Drug and Alcohol Assessments, Inpatient Detox, Outpatient Services, Residential Services, Opioid Addiction Treatment Services, HIV/AIDS Services, Medical Case Management,' Prevention Services, Maternal Health Services, Recovery Support Services and much more.'