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Program Name:  Covenant House Florida
5931 East Colonial Drive Orlando, FL  32807

Main Phone:  (407) 482-6754   

Main Phone:  (800) 441-4478

Fax number:  (407) 482-0657

E-Mail address:
Internet Site:

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Agency Name & Mailing address:  COVENANT HOUSE FLORIDA

Program Information Edit

Eligibility requirements:  Runaway, homeless, and at risk youth under 21
Information last updated:  10/27/2008
Controlling agency  Covenant House Florida
Accessibility:  ADA compliant
In-Home Services Provided
Self Payment
Malpractice Insurance
Sliding Fee Scale
Pro Bono Services
Payment Assistance
Hillsborough Healthcare
Accepts Medicaid
Accepts Medicare
Accepts HMO/PPO
Accepts Tricare
Accepts Mcaid/Mcare Only
Accepts Most Insurance
Minimum Sliding Fee Scale:  0
Hours of operation:  24/7
Fees charged: 
Intake procedure:  Call/walk-in
Area served:  Statewide
Languages spoken or available:  English

Service Description Edit

Covenant House Florida serves runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth under 21 including teen parents and their babies. Every day, we reach nearly 175 kids in Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando via street outreach, crisis shelters, transitional housing projects, and aftercare, making Covenant House Florida one of the largest private agencies serving runaway and homeless youth in the state of Florida. Our vital services include:
• Street Outreach by van and foot
• Shelter Care nourishing meals, clean clothes, and a safe place to sleep
• 104 beds Ft. Lauderdale
• 48 beds Orlando
• Counseling, Case Management, and Referrals
• Health Services at on-site clinics
• Family Reunification whenever possible
• Substance Abuse Intervention drug and alcohol education at both sites; treatment including (CHAMP) Covenant House Addictions Management Project in Ft. Lauderdale and by referral in Orlando
• Pregnancy Prevention/Teen Parent Education
• Education full-time school for younger teens on-site in Ft. Lauderdale, at area schools in Orlando; tutoring toward high school equivalency (GED General Educational Development) at both sites
• Employment Assistance help for older teens in finding and maintaining jobs
• Life Skills Instruction guidance for older teens on budgeting and preparing to live on their own
• Transportation Assistance for local referrals and job search and for return home
• Pastoral Ministry voluntary spiritual guidance and prayer services • Rights of Passage transitional housing for older teens bridging into independent living.

Other Services Offered by this Program: Edit

Housing- Transitional; Outreach Programs; Runaway; Shelter- Children;


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