Christ Like Ministries International - Is steered and geared by Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit to teach the interpretation of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His doctrine of the church as the mystical body of Christ, His teaching on law and grace, performing signs and wonders as He instructed us to do and upholding the commandments given to us when He ascended.

Mission : To serve the people of God in all areas of life and in every way possible by provide comfort, peace, knowledge, understanding, hope, prayer and love. To give wisdom, food, shelter, guidance, counsel, covering, protection and support that would serve their need to survive, fulfill their purpose, know their gifts, receive their promise and reach their destiny.  Delivering Christ Jesus to the World without compromise.

Christ Like Ministries is not affiliated with any other organization bearing the same, or a similar, name. The organization seeks to fund its mission through the generous donations of contributors who value the role that Christ Like Ministries has played in changing lives.

Telephone: (813) 623-1099

Address: 3011 Orient Road, Tampa

Weblink :

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Hours of Operation: 8-5pm M-F

Required info: None

Services: State and Federal Prision Ministry for Men

Three meals given every day

Help get I.D. through Metropolitan Ministries