• HomelessnessInSavannah

    We were researching criminalization issues & have found out that there is a public comment period for the proposed (2) ordinances in Tampa at the July 18, 2013 City Council meeting!

    One ordinance is about aggressive panhandling & the other is about sleeping on the streets...

    We will post links to the text of the two ordinances soon here but in the meantime - if you are interested in mobilizing a group to respond to these ordinacnes & let City Council know how you feel about them please contact us & as we find others who are local to Tampa working ont his issue we will connect y'all too!'

    We are in contact with some St Pete resources who may be able to engage in discussions about their process of engaging City Council when their ordinances wer…

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  • JeremiahKerr

    You might notice that the vast majority of my updates in the Tampa Bay Homeless Wiki are about LGBT issues. Well, about six months ago I was working at a coffee shop and finishing up my undergraduate degree at the University of Tampa. Like many students I was completing an internship with a local organization in the hopes that it would lead to greater career opportunities after graduation. I had been interning with the Homeless Coalition of Hillsborough County, helping the data quality team prepare reports for various agencies that use the countywide database system (UNITY), which is used to track all the homeless people in Hillsborough County and the services they receive. My plans at the time were to apply for the Peace Corps, serve for a …

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  • Kacieh

    Win Free Tickets

    November 7, 2010 by Kacieh

    Tampa Bay Homeless Resource Wiki is giving away 6 tickets to the Cardboard Stories at the Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida!!

    The Cardboard Stories play series runs November 18‐20, 2010, and proceeds will benefit The Pinellas County Coalition for the Homeless.

    First, Create an account!

    Leave a comment on this blog entry telling us what home means to you.
    NOTE: you must leave a logged in comment to win!

    The Cardboard Stories is a series of stage plays focusing on the lives of four different homeless people, each with their own unique circumstances that led them into homelessness, and the mysterious character named “Hope” (Miss Florida 2009, Rachael Todd is cast for this role!) who connects them all. The setting for the plays is a bus sto…

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  • Hcintern


    June 28, 2010 by Hcintern

    This is a test of the blog posting system.

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  • Mswitzer2

    I am just getting acquainted with this WIKI. At first encounter, it is a bit busy and confusing, requiring some trial on error for figuring out categories, options, commands, etc. At first I thought the "Explore the wiki" might be a tutorial or explanation, but soon learned I had to just dive in and figure it out myself. [e.g. there is no "submit" command, instead you must "save page"] Not sure how useful it will be to those casually visiting or those easily frustrated. This can be a very valuable source of valuable information on available resources, but only if those who have the best information take the time to submit & update faithfully........and that rarely happens with such directories due to other priorities & staff turnov…

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  • Ziber2u

    Life in full version

    November 23, 2009 by Ziber2u

    Hearing but seldom heard

    Owning vast knowledge unable to share

    Missing to many and few

    Exhausted in the search to be safe


    Enriched with sufferage


    Seeking the America Dream

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