Contact Information Edit

Program Name:  Tampa Crossroads Inc. ATHENA Home for Homeless female Veterans, Ybor City, FL  33605

Main Phone:  (813) 238-8557 x500

Fax number: 
E-Mail address: 
Internet Site:

Mailing Information Edit

Agency Name & Mailing address:  TAMPA CROSSROADS INC

Program Information Edit

Eligibility requirements:  Female Veterans
Information last updated:  8/26/2009
Controlling agency  Tampa Crossroads Inc.
Accessibility: Yes
Transportation: Yes
In-Home Services Provided
Self Payment Yes
Malpractice Insurance Yes
Sliding Fee Scale No
Pro Bono Services No
Payment Assistance V.A. approval
Hillsborough Healthcare No
Medipass No
Accepts Medicaid
Accepts Medicare
Accepts HMO/PPO
Accepts Tricare
Accepts Mcaid/Mcare Only
Accepts Most Insurance
Minimum Sliding Fee Scale:  0
Hours of operation:  24/7
Fees charged:  Call for information
Intake procedure:  Call for assistance Robyn Larson 228-9226
Area served:  Central Florida
Languages spoken or available:  English

Service Description Edit

This 16 bed transitional housing program, located in Ybor City, now provides safe housing and transitional services specifically for female veterans who are homeless as a result of substance abuse and mental illness, PTSD, sexual abuse and trauma, physical disability, domestic violence, or due to a lack of transferable employment skills after discharge from the armed forces. The ATHENA Program is the only transitional housing program within the State of Florida specifically designed to address the unique needs of homeless female veterans.

The ATHENA participants are provided safe housing for up to 24 months within the fully renovated and newly furnished ATHENA facility. During this time, these female veterans will participate in individual and group counseling weekly and learn the life skills they will need to support permanent, independent living and leave the life of homelessness behind them forever. Additional groups offered at the ATHENA Program include marriage and family counseling, relationship groups, meditation groups, exercise activities, nutrition classes, parenting classes, budgeting classes, cooking classes, and appreciation of the arts classes.

Other Services Offered by this Program: Edit

Housing- Transitional; Veterans; Women's Issues;

Program Events: Edit

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